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2018 Board of Directors


Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority  

2018  Board Officers and Members:




Paul O. Wentzler, Chair (01/2020)

Personnel, Finance, Customer Concern, Technical Committees


Jan V. Ransdorf, Vice Chair (01/2020)

Finance Committee


Donald E. Konkle, Jr., Secretary (01/2021)

Personnel, Technical Committees



Michael D. Miller, Treasurer (01/2021)

Finance Committee



Michael Philbin, Assistant Treasurer (1/2021)



John Gramling  (01/2019)



Charles S. Hall (01/2023)

Customer Concern, Strategic Planning, Nominating Committees



James R. Carpenter (01/2019)

Personnel, Technical Committees



Victor Marquardt (01/2023)

            Technical Committee