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Beaver Lake


LCWSA reduced the sewer rates in the Beaver Lake Sewer System due to reduction in debt service through debt relief by the Township and County Act 13 funding for sewer collection infrastructure.  The monthly sewer rates are $131 per month per EDU (dwellings) and $40 per month per unimproved lot.








Beaver Lake sewer system experienced a substantial rate increase in 2013.  The outreach and effort throughout the year has resulted in a $40,000 debt relief by the Township and County Act 13 funds for the ongoing grinder pump/sewer collection system improvements.  The FEMA/PEMA control building repair project has been converted to a “large project” with the agencies approving the building replacement instead of a building repair.  With the debt relief and ongoing system efficiencies, a $2 per month per EDU rate reduction for dwellings has been budgeted ($1 per month for unimproved lots).  Rates projected for 2014 are at $131 per month per EDU and $40 per month for unimproved lots.


2014 Rates

  • EDU (dwellings or homes) – $ 131 per month
  • Vacant Lots – $40 per month


The prepay discount is 3% for customers pre-paying twelve months in advance with payment received by January 20th.  Past due balances must be paid in full before a customer can take advantage of the prepay discount for the 2014 calendar year.


2015 Beaver Lake Sewer Rate Resolution

2014 Sewer Rate Resolution-Beaver Lake