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Prepay Discounts

The prepay discount is 3% for customers pre-paying twelve months in advance with payment received by January 20th.  Past due balances must be paid in full before a customer can take advantage of the prepay discount for the 2021 calendar year.


If the sewer rate changes during 2021 and prepayment has been made, the sewer account will be charged the increased rate and will be notified of the balance when there is no longer a credit on the account.


Late Fees/Penalty

As part of the Authority’s rate structure, a one-time penalty of ten percent or a carrying charge on the outstanding balance of 1½ percent per month shall be added, whichever is greater.  The late penalty will be applied to an account on which the payment has been received after the twentieth (20th) of the month for which the service is rendered.


Insufficient Funds

Returned Check or Insufficient Funds - $40 per occurrence.


Rates and Charges for Sanitary Sewage Service - Section 6 of Rules and Regulations


6.1.1    Standard Rates and Charges ‑ Any Owner of a property now or hereafter connected to the sewer system or otherwise discharging sewage, non‑domestic waste, water or other liquids directly or indirectly into the sewer system shall pay a user charge as provided in these Regulations based on the equivalent number of dwelling units or the measured quantity of water discharged to the sewer system (as evidenced by registration of a water meter), or any combination thereof, or by any other mechanism developed by the LCWSA to address "non‑typical" owners on a case-by-case basis.


      1. Surcharge for High Strength Wastes ‑ Any person discharging into the sewer system Non‑domestic wastes containing more than 250 mg/l of suspended solids, 250 mg/l of biochemical oxygen demand, 25 mg/l of chlorine demand (otherwise prohibited by subsection 2.4), any excess of Pollutant limitations indicated herein before and as approved by the Authority and any Pollutant not included herein before and deemed by the Authority to require special attention and surcharge, shall be charged for such service, in addition to the sanitary sewage quantity charges set forth below, an additional charge based on the weight of the excess concentrations in accordance with the current Schedule of Rates, or such other additional charge which is reasonably calculated to compensate the Authority for the additional expense incurred by the Authority for treatment.


                                                   BOD = $0.90 per pound

                                                   TSS = $0.90 per pound

                                                   All other exceedances = $0.90 per pound


6.1.3    Determination of surcharge quantities for High Strength Waste Discharges shall be made based on sampling and analysis methods as specified by the Authority.


6.1.4    Miscellaneous Charges


  1. Connection Fee ‑ For each application for connection to the Sewer System, an administration and inspection charge may be imposed, which shall be payable at the time of application for a connection in accordance with the current Schedule of Rates.  For the initial connections following the completion of a construction project by the Authority, the Authority may choose not to assess a Connection Fee to Owners.  The Connection Fee is subject to adjustment by the Authority at any time in the future and may be assessed at the discretion of the Authority.


(b)  Non‑domestic Waste Discharge Permit and Inspection ‑ For each User connected to the sewer and discharging Non‑domestic waste of type or quantity which will require a permit as determined by the Regulations and the Non‑domestic Waste Discharge Questionnaire, a fee, as indicated in the schedule of rates, shall be assessed to the user to defray the cost of necessary inspection, coordination and preparation of the permit.



(c)  Cost of laboratory testing of Non‑domestic wastes ‑ Any costs of laboratory testing of Non‑domestic wastes will be billed to and reimbursed by the User or property owner.  It will be at the discretion of the Authority to determine when independent laboratory testing is necessary and what frequency the testing shall be.


(d) Monitoring Costs ‑ All monitoring costs shall be the responsibility of the User or property owner.


(e)  Tapping Charge ‑ For each application for sewer service, a tapping charge will be assessed per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) based on categories listed in the Rules and Regulations.


(f)  Customer Facilities Fee ‑ A fee that may be charged by the Authority to receive reimbursement for customer facilities, such as the procurement and installation of a water meter.


Tapping Fees  

Tapping fees apply per the adoption of the November 2009 Act 57 Study and the Adopted Schedule dated November 4, 2009 – effective January 1, 2010 as allowed by law.


Miscellaneous Services

Other Services are “As Quoted” or “At Cost.”




Duly adopted at a meeting held on the 2nd  day of December 2020.






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