Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

LIWAP Application deadline is October 28, 2022!


As a participating Low Income Household Water Assistance (LIHWAP) Vendor, we want to advise you that funding for this federally funded water program, created to help households in arrears with their water company(ies) due to hardships caused by COVID 19 is nearly depleted.

The last day we will accept LIHWAP applications from individuals is COB, Friday 10/28/22.   Applications postmarked on/before 10/28 will also be review/processed.  

Applications submitted in COMPASS or postmarked after this date will be rejected.  Applicants will receive a rejection notice ‘filed out of season’. 



Attentions Homewners and Tenants:

Are you or someone you know at risk of losing water service at their home? Help is available for Pennsylvanians who need help with water bills or who may lose water service.

The Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) is a new, temporary assistance program created by the American Rescue Plan Act. LIHWAP can help households that are in emergency situations maintain essential water access. Crisis situations include:

Past-due water bills;

Termination of water service; or,

Threat of termination of water service in the next 60 days.

To qualify, applicants must meet income requirements and have a crisis situation with water service.  Learn more about LIHWAP and find out if your water service is participating at www.dhs.pa.gov/waterhelp.

Apply for LIHWAP and other public assistance programs online at anytime through www.compass.state.pa.us


Please visit the link below to see if you may qualify. 


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