What is an EDU and how is it calculated?

Since our sewage system serves primarily a rural area, we are unable to consistently base charges on water meter sizes, flows, or pipe size.  Therefore, LCWSA has consistently used the fixed based “EDU” calculations for our fee assessments.

An Equivalent Dwelling Unit or one (1) EDU is defined as a single family residential household.

Multifamily residential units and non residential facility EDU assessments are also calculated on a fixed “EDU basis” depending on the use.   EDU’s are assessed per the Rules and Regulations noted in Section 6.1.5.

DEFINITION: “EDU or Equivalent Dwelling Unit”   The unit of measure by which the periodic User Charge for sewer services provided by the Authority is calculated and imposed upon each improved property served by the Sewer System, as determined in accordance with the schedules contained in the applicable rate resolution or any subsequent rate resolutions of the Authority, from time to time.