Why wasn’t I informed of this new Stormwater fee?

Throughout 2019, both Boroughs independently discussed the stormwater program, project and compliance demands, and revenue needs.  In the fall of 2019, LCWSA, the Borough of South Williamsport, and Duboistown Borough entered into a Memorandum of Understanding followed by a formal Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement in January of 2020.  Much discussion had been held during regular open public meetings at the Boroughs and at LCWSA meetings.

In late October a separately advertised public meeting was held in South Williamsport and in early November at Duboistown Borough’s regular Council Meeting, a public presentation was held.    The plan for a fee has been in place since those meetings in the late 2019.  This spring, delays resulted due to the COVID pandemic such that additional public outreach was difficult.