Will the stormwater fee remain the same each year?

LCWSA - together with the Borough of South Williamsport and the Borough of Duboistown - undergoes an extensive budgetary process for the Stormwater Management Program.   As a reminder, the 50% COVID Credit which was applied from July 2020 through December 2020 has been removed as planned for the 2021 calendar year.

LCWSA evaluates its budget in five year cycles – consistent with the permit cycle – and  will establish its annual stormwater fee together with the approved budget for each year.  This is also being done through detailed budget coordination with both boroughs since a portion of the fee covers public works costs performed directly by each borough.

The Stormwater annual budget funds the costs of administration & legal, engineering & planning, operations & maintenance (traditional public works), regulation/enforcement, stormwater quality and capital improvements.  Most of the annual costs of the stormwater program are mandated under the stormwater permit issued by DEP.  DEP renews the Boroughs’ permits every 5 years. The next DEP renewal is in 2024.  There is no way to predict what mandates will be placed in the next DEP permit.