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Over the past several years, Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority (LCWSA) has been evaluating the needs of the Limestone Water distribution system to develop a plan to replace watermains and add new watermains.  The objective is to minimize the water loss (water leaks) throughout the system, upgrade aging infrastructure, and add additional watermain to create a network of pipes that feed water from multiple directions.  All three will result in savings to the system and provide reliable supply to our customers.

LCWSA is currently working with Nittany Engineering to evaluate the water distribution system and develop a comprehensive asset management plan which will allow us to seek funding.  The engineering work is provided at no cost through the Professional Engineering Services Program of PaDEP’s Capability Enhancement Program - which helps small drinking water systems operate more effectively and efficiently.  Because the engineering evaluation is extensive, it will take time to complete.

Unfortunately, there is currently a water leak along Middle Road near the Country Store in Oval that is in need of repair.  With the limited number of valves in the system and a single direction feed of water flow, fixing the watermain leak in this area will cause 75% of our customers to be out of water service for the duration of the repair and ultimately create a water boil advisory.  LCWSA recognizes the importance of maintaining water service to our customers and for critical agricultural and residential uses in the community.  We are delaying this repair work at this time.

LCWSA is, however, advancing an extension of new watermain along Pinewoods Road to minimize the number of customers who will be without service when this repair on Middle Road is addressed.

The Pinewoods Watermain Project will generally consist of installing 6” PVC pipe along the southern side of Pinewoods Road and crossing over to the northern side at Schoolhouse Road.  The project will connect the existing watermain at Pinewoods/Perry Nigart Roads and create a “loop” so that parts of the system are not completely shut off from water service when repairs need to be made. 

LCWSA had previously identified the larger Pinewoods/Schoolhouse Road Watermain Loop Project as the first project to undertake and includes the installation of 6” PVC pipe along both roads to interconnect the existing watermain along Pinewoods and Middle Road.  The first phase is the Pinewoods Road portion which is underway and the second phase is the Schoolhouse Road portion which will occur at a later time.

The combination of Pinewoods and Schoolhouse Road Watermain Loop Project is estimated at $500,000.  Due to the immediate needs of the Limestone Water System, LCWSA is currently proceeding with the Pinewoods Road portion of this project, but has requested American Rescue Plan Act funding from both Lycoming County and Limestone Township for the full project scope for Pinewoods/Schoolhouse Roads.



LCWSA Contact:  Christine Weigle, Executive Director - (877) 546-8005