Office closed to the public until further notice. Customers may call to request an appointment. 

May 14, 2020


The office remains closed to the public.  Customers may call to request an appointment.  Proper safety protocols will be required for customer meetings,

Customers desiring to make payments have options other than the payment window. We encourage our customers to utilize electronic payment methods, mail, or our Payment Dropbox located at the Administration Building at 380 Old Cement Road – immediately to the right of our main entrance door.

In keeping with best practices to reduce exposure, LCWSA will require transactions and communications be performed through telephone and electronic communications to avoid the need to visit our offices and staff; thereby complying with “social distancing” as recommended by health experts.





Sewer systems are designed to handle only the 3P’s – toilet Paper, Pee, and Poo.

Only actual toilet paper should be flushed as it is designed to breakdown properly within the sewer system. Substitutes for toilet paper such as wipes, paper towels, or other paper products must be thrown in the trash.

DISPOSE personal wipes, sanitizing wipes, paper towels, feminine products, diapers, and other similar products in the TRASH can!

Just because a product can be flushed does NOT mean that it should be. Products substituted for toilet paper are not to be flushed. The wrong products will cause damage to your private sewer line as well as the public sewer system and its equipment. These problems result in excessive costs which customers eventually pay for through user fees! Simply throw these products in the garbage.

The following precautionary measures are being implemented immediately by LCWSA:

Public Meetings – at this time, we will continue to conduct business as required and will hold public meetings. However, under the circumstances, the public should consider avoiding meetings, especially if you are not feeling well. Please be sure to check our website for meeting agendas as well as meeting cancellations. There are times that LCWSA cancels meetings for lack of agenda items, weather, or emergencies. If meetings are cancelled, they will be properly posted as always.

Water and Sewer Emergencies – Reporting and responding to emergencies follows our normal and standard protocol at this time. However, please be prepared to provide as much detail via phone along with a telephone number, contact person, and times that you or the contact person are available to further discuss the problem. We will collect as much information as possible via telephone to prioritize problems before deploying staff on site and limit in person communication as much as practical.

Facility Room Rentals – The rental of LCWSA’s Administration Building room space is suspended until further notice.

Facility Cleaning – LCWSA continues to follow best hygiene practices for our industry which are consistent with the COVID-19 recommendations. In addition to regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment, frequently touched objects and surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day.

Continued Assessment and Precautionary Measures – LCWSA will continue to monitor the recommendations from federal, state, and local officials as well as industry and health experts as this situation evolves. Additional actions or changes to these may be made as the situation warrants.

Our office will remain open for internal business only. LCWSA Staff will continue to work with our customers and partners through the means and methods prescribed by health experts during this pandemic.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM if you have questions.

Thank you for understanding as we all work together to assure the safety and health of our employees and ultimately, provide essential and critical services for our communities during this challenging situation.

LCWSA encourages the public to monitor reliable sources on COVID-19 including:


PA Dept. of Health –

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