Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

LCWSA offers innovative regional and shared services to achieve compliance with water, stormwater, and wastewater regulations by providing practical, sustainable, cost effective solutions through education, maintenance, technical support, and management services.  LCWSA provides an array of services- offering a variety of alternatives- in response to requests for assistance.


Vision Statement

The goal of LCWSA is to be recognized, respected, and regarded as a premier professional service provider for water, stormwater, and wastewater systems.  Achieving this vision will take widespread collaboration and responsible stewardship as we:

  • Manage and operate water and wastewater facilities to achieve compliance with the best available technologies in recognition of fiscal constraints;
  • Contiue to evaluate the personnel plan to maintain the appropriate staffing level and to attract people with required specialities to meet current and future service requirements;
  • Provide proactive training to personnel and ensure staff is certified for all necessary compliance functions and prepared for the changing demands of the workplace and regulatory requirements;
  • Develop an asset management plan to assure sustainability of LCWSA owned facilities;
  • Promote the importance of the water, wastewater, and stormwater industry to increase the value, priority, and significance by society for our services and to gain acceptance in the need to invest and reinvest in our infrastructure.
  • Continue to develop source water supply for the LCWSA Regional Water System considering financial resources, economic development, customer base growth, debt service, operating expense, and system redundancy needs;
  • Support incoming requests within the limits of expertise and financial resources;
  • Communicate and coordinate necessary activities with the appropriate local, county, state and/or federal officials and agencies;
  • Share the Authority's capabilities through education, public outreach, and relationship building;
  • Expand knowledge and understanding of stormwater/MS4 regulations to further the capabilites of stormwater planning, mamagement, and implementation services;
  • Continue to monitor the need for on lot sewage system management services in support of municipalities;
  • Be finalcially self-sustaining to develop the financial strength to proactively advance projects;
  • Be the "go to" provider of enterprise services that generate flexible revenue stream;
  • Operate a Certified Laboratory and expand lab services customer base;
  • Obtain state of the art equipment, tools and diagnostic technologies in recognition of fiscal constraints and operational needs;
  • Maintain and expand mutually beneficial relationships and ultimately develop a mutual aid system and establish effective partnerships for appropriate activities;
  • Continue as the premier source of professional leadership and technical support in Lycoming County and surrounding areas as appropriate;